Virtus Advisory provides expert counsel and access to an unparalleled network of investors and capital markets professionals across Canada and the United States. Virtus helps issuers establish the relationships and the investor confidence required to build long-term shareholder value. Our offering includes:

Strategic Communication

If you are planning on going public or are a public company, it’s essential to be in constant communication with your shareholders and the investment community at large. It is also critical for you to clearly articulate your corporate milestones and long-term business strategy while pursuing best practices in corporate disclosure. Our team ensures that your communication program is tailored strategically to clearly and concisely deliver your story to the appropriate audience across all your marketing materials.

Shareholder Management

Managing the expectation of the investment community and your shareholders plays a critical role is how you are perceived as a public company and ultimately impacts your public market valuation. As a company, you need a firm that understands your business inside and out and has the financial aptitude and credibility to manage relationships with your capital markets stakeholders.

Investor Introductions

Your Company’s success should be reflected in your valuation. This requires the support of the capital markets and a strong investor base. As you continue to grow your business and achieve corporate milestones, we ensure the engagement of investors and capital markets professionals. Utilizing various measurable methods, our continuous outreach to institutional investors, investment brokers, high net worth investors, investment bankers and research analysts ensures effective exposure of your corporate story, achievements and success to these key players.  

Access to Capital

Access to growth capital is a critical objective for any public company. Between investment banks, institutional funds and the retail market, it can be a challenge to determine where best to seek capital and ensure the engagement of all related parties for the success of your capital raising efforts. With our experience and network, we are able to work with you and your company to find the options that are best suited for your company’s growth and effectively help you navigate this process.

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